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Déjà Do

It’s been fifteen years since Belle gave her virginity to her first love, a boy she’d only known for a week and never saw again. Fifteen years of anger and hurt and secrets. Fifteen years of wanting to tell him exactly what she thinks of him. But now that she has a chance, it’s harder than she imagined.

For one thing, her body doesn’t much care what her heart fears or her mind thinks. It’s ready to jump Brian McKenna’s grown-up bones in a remarkable variety of ways and in shockingly risky locations. For another, the atmosphere at the romantic mountain resort proves just as irresistible as it was when she was nineteen. More to the point, time has leant perspective to the pain of their separation, and their reunion forces her to reevaluate events and emotions she’s never put in their place.

Add in a seven-year-old goddaughter determined to push them together and a long-hidden secret that could destroy the tentative trust they’ve established. Can she reconcile her undeniable attraction with her heartbreak, and when everything comes out in the open, and Brian’s youthful mistakes are explained, can she let go of the past for a chance at a beautiful future?

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