Tex-Mex Sex Hex WIDE

Tex-Mex Sex Hex

After the murder of her first love, J.J. hops from bed to bed, enjoying the heat of sexual encounters but closing her heart to love — until her dead lover’s well-meaning grandmother steps in with a special blend of spices and a promise that J.J. won’t find release until she opens her heart. Apparently, taco seasoning is a highly effective hexing agent. Three orgasmless years, countless visits to sexual practitioners, and an ineffective series of increasingly expensive vibrators later, J.J.’s headed back to her hometown to face her demons and break the curse. She’s counting on an awkward reunion with her mama and a host of painful memories. She’s not prepared for running smack into her long-dead boyfriend’s cousin, or the sudden attraction that flares between them. Javier entices and delights, in the kitchen and in bed, and stirs feelings far beyond lust. But if J.J. wants their heated encounters to end in bliss, she’ll have to open her heart and learn that blessing or curse, it’s all in how you look at it.

Winner of the 2013 Passionate Plume Award for best novella.

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