Touch of Kink WIDE

Trust isn’t Gabby’s strong suit. She grew up watching a series of men abuse her mother and swore that one day she’d be strong, logical and able to protect herself. Then she met Geoff. Kind and introspective yet oh-so-male, Geoff fires her blood and libido like no other man ever has, encouraging her to express and explore her fantasies and let loose her inner passions.

But now Gabby’s faced with a new fantasy that tests everything she believes about strength and everything she fears about vulnerability. She wants Geoff to spank her—and she won’t be satisfied with a simple mid-sex slap to her rear. The mere thought of an intimate spanking is unbearably arousing and she can’t get it out of her head—it’s as scary as it is exciting. For a chance at perfection and intimacy beyond her wildest dreams, Gabby is going to have to overcome her past, face down her inner shame, and embrace her deepest desires.

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